Sunday, April 03, 2005

Sorting out the bikes

Spring is definitely here: pleasant temperatures, generally dry.

Spent some time this weekend getting the bikes ready. A quick clean to get rid of the accumulated cobwebs, tires brought back up to proper pressure.

Hannah moved up to Amanda's old bike, so her old bike went to the tip this morning and we spent some time at the park so she could get used to it.

Amanda's bike got the saddle moved up, and lights, mudguards, lock and basket (so she can use it for school). The snag was, you can only attach so many bits to a bike - I had to move the reflectors to get the lights on, and we ended up taking the basket off as the only way to attach the front light would have had it shining through the basket.

All that done, we're looking forward to using the bikes a bit more. I for one could certainly do with the exercise!

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