Sunday, April 17, 2005

Ringing Outing

Had an enjoyable outing yesterday, out to the Watton area. A combination of Cherry Hinton and Trumpington ringers were in attendance.

It was Amanda's first outing, and she got to ring twice at every tower - and rang very well.

First up was Watton, a beautiful ring of 6 accessed by a fairly steep ladder, with the tenor ringer standing on the trapdoor.

Next up was Caston, with a bit more character. Slightly lumpy and harder work than most modern rings, with the two trebles rung from a ledge (with part of the ledge being a flap by the door). Amanda got attacked by the 2nd rope, but recovered to ring the 3rd later.

Lunch followed at the Chequers in Thompson.

Then off to Shipdham. After a set of rounds and call changes, Ian queries whether the third was particularly deep set. Rather than a broken stay, it transpired that they had hastings stays and the dingler had fallen off.

After three rings of 6, the final tower of the day was Ashill, a nice 8. This was Amanda's first time on 8 (while we've been to Trumpington, she only rang on the back 6).

So, a good day, and thanks to Amanda and Stephen for organizing it all.

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