Friday, January 02, 2009

A Fitter 2009

It's not a new-year resolution - as such - but one of my short-term targets is to lose a bit of weight. I'm probably half a stone above where I want to be, and probably ought to be aiming even lower.

It's no help that Melanie's an excellent cook, and we both enjoy good food and drink. Combine that with my somewhat defective knees and old broken arm, and physical exercise isn't as easy as I would like. So it will be a challenge!

Almost entirely unrelated, we got Wii Fit for Xmas. I say almost unrelated, because the aim of getting the game was entirely to have fun. I'm not so naive as to believe that the game is going to get me fit, but as it's there I'm definitely going to use it to help. It reckons on on the overweight/obese boundary, which I regard as a bit excessive.

It's interesting that young Hannah is attempting to monopolise the Wii, and even Melanie is joining in (after a "you're not getting me on that thing" statement). Yet more competition for the available electronics devices.