Friday, November 17, 2006

Changes everywhere

Been rather busy recently. We've been making a number of long overdue changes around the house.

Our main bedroom has been completely revamped. New bed (modern metal frame, and a king size rather than the minuscule standard that passes as a double bed); new furniture (light and airy); and a new wooden floor. We originally planned on just replacing the carpet, but never found a colour we liked and became drawn to a wood (laminate, we're not that rich) floor. It all goes together nicely!

I don't include DIY as one of my strengths. Sure, I can wield a brush and roller, but anything beyond that is quite a challenge. But I managed to replace the light fittings (and that's something that was much more involved than it has any right to be), and moved an electrical socket so the fitted furniture would actually fit. The electrics don't bother me - it's knocking holes in the house to gain access that causes all the trouble.

Of course, once we had a wooden floor one of the girls decided she wanted a wooden floor too, and of course they both had to have dimmer switches for their lights once we had one!

The spare room needs a revamp. It's currently got the old futon we had in Toronto. We've been looking for a replacement sofa bed for a while, and are going to see one tomorrow. It appears that we only have a fairly restricted choice. As in we've only found the one that will fit - and it's been tricky finding somewhere that has one in stock to go and look at. It should make watching the second TV rather more comfortable, and should provide us with a proper guest bed (the old futon simply wasn't anything you would expect a guest to use, so we've used it ourselves, and I really don't want to have to do that again).

As the girls' bedrooms have been decorated fairly recently, and we've just had someone in to paint the upper hall and landing, that just leaves the bathroom. Melanie has realized that you can get regular sized spa baths, so it looks like some fairly major work is on the cards there....