Monday, October 31, 2005

Lower than low

There are some heartless morons in this world, including the one (or group of) who stole the pumpkin off our doorstep tonight. What's the point?

Sunday, October 09, 2005

District Outing

We went on the district outing yesterday, round the Peterborough area.

First up was Fotherighay, a very impressive church in what is now a pretty small village. A nice (although loud) ring of 6, and we managed a lovely course of Cambridge minor.

Next up was the lovely 8 at Castor, followed by speading out for lunch so as not to overwhelm any of the local establishments.

After lunch, we went to the very light 6 at Wansford. Many struggled, but it was a good experience - visiting a variety of towers will help improve most people's ringing. Amanda grabbed the tenor, which is probably the lightest bell she's ever rung.

Off to Peterborough for some serious rings. St John the Baptist are a 25cwt eight, in stark contrast to a very light six. And then off to the Cathedral, to try out the twelve.

Unfortunately, we simply didn't have the ringers to do more than rounds on the twelve. I guess that many people on the outing had never been to a twelve before. Good experience, but not enough strength overall to bring anybody on.