Monday, May 23, 2011

Bury St Edmunds Beer and Food Festival

On Saturday we went to the Bury Beer and Food Festival, held in the Greene King brewery gardens.

It's not a hard-core beer festival, but as a food festival organized by a brewery and held on it's grounds there is some evidence of beer.

There was a marquee with many stalls, and a number of stalls outside. A fair number of sausage stalls, fudge, cake, beer, wine, specialist foods. Oh, and a bar.

They were also running short beer-tasting sessions in a separate marquee. I thoroughly enjoyed those, especially getting to meet the head brewer.

Would we go again? Probably, yes.

There are a few things I think I would like to see improved on. I would like to see more variety of stalls. Yes, quite a few sausage stalls. Very little evidence of cheese, which I thought odd. Overall, a little lack of diversity (for example, nothing like the La Hogue farm shop or Chilford Hall vineyard). The beer-tasting sessions went well, but there wasn't anything else in terms of displays or presentations. There's not an enormous amount of advertising (or even a proper website or signs) but, to be honest, it's on a pretty small site and I'm not sure they could have got many more people in.

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