Thursday, March 31, 2005

Easter Break

It's currently the Easter holiday, so school's closed for a couple of weeks. A good excuse for some time off!

Yesterday we went shopping to Bluewater, which we hadn't been to before. While it's decent enough as shopping centres go, I found few shops of interest so we didn't get much.

Today we went to Wicksteed Park. It was dull and misty, and while we were supposed to have some sun in the afternoon this failed to materialize. It was disappointing that the roller coaster was closed, and we don't really appreciate the growth in additional paid-for activities (the increasingly ubiquitous photo booths, for one, and also the appearance of a couple of rides operated by other companies) - we've paid to get there, we've paid handsomely for wristbands, we just want to get on and enjoy ourselves and these extra attempts to take money just turn us off. But the park was reasonably quiet and queues were short, so we managed to pack a lot of rides in.

(Although it would have been smarter to pack soup instead of salad in our picnic basket, and warm drinks instead of ice cold!)

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