Monday, March 28, 2005

Spring is sprung, the grass is riz...

...the lawnmower's broken.

Went to mow the lawn for the first time this year - because Spring really is here and the grass is growing, the bushes are in bud, the whole garden is already starting to look like a jungle.

Only the old lawnmower (that Mel's been trying to persuade me to replace for a year or two now) did one stripe and then stopped. So off to get a new mower!

That was Friday night, just after the shops had closed. (Typical!) So we reserved one and went to collect it Saturday. Rain on Saturday and visiting family Sunday meant we got to try it first time today - the front is dry enough, the back still soaking wet. So we mowed the front lawn, and with luck the back will be dry enough in a few hours.

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